Thursday, January 30, 2014
In Prospect, Jonathan Derbyshire considers the reactions to the Black Notebooks.
France-Lanord says what we’re dealing with in the Black Notebooks is a “failure of questioning on the part of a thinker who held questioning to be the essence of thought”. It’s a failure to think, in other words, an instance, France-Lanord writes, of “non-thought”. If one describes things that way, then it becomes much easier to compare Heidegger’s case with others. “Antisemitism,” France-Lanord writes, “is an instance of non-thought that feeds off an ignorance of Jewish thought, and it has affected western philosophy very widely—one thinks of Malebranche, Voltaire, Hegel, Marx, or worse still Gottlob Frege.”
And then there is this article in Zeit, which reveals not only more about the black notebooks, but about Heidegger's love life....
I was only lightly acquainted with the Vietta family's intersections with Heidegger's bio. Seems there's enough material there for a novel.
And just to drag out the anticipation a little longer and make sure the waters stay muddy, there is this article in the Chronicle.
Doesn't seem my link to the article worked, so here it is http://chronicle.com/article/Release-of-Heidegger-s/144897/forceGen=1
It's nice that article no longer behind the Chronicle's paywall, probably because their anglo suprematist branch - aldaily.com - wanted to run it.

It's not as bad as the Chronicle's demagoguery when the Faye book was published ("libraries must burn Heidegger's books"), but as usual it's by someone who's obviously never read Heidegger.

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